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Easter Nails

Easter is here and that mean Spring is here finally Winter is over.  Was out for a walk in the park yesterday and we saw these cute little baby bunnies so sweet.  So, I came home and decided to do Easter Nails.  With a boy and girl bunny.  What do you think?  Should I name them? 

For the Eggs in the grass the Base Coat is Sally Hansen –  Blue Away
Right hand Thumb Base Coat is Essie – Lilacism
Ring finger Base Coast is Essie – Blanc
Left hand Thumb Base Coat is China Glaze – Lemon Fizz
Ring Finger Base Coast is OPI – Pink Friday

All other colors are acrylic paints, light green, dark green, pink, yellow, light blue, dark blue, white, purple, black and brown.  I added white to get different shades.
See my brushes and tools I always use in the tabs above.

Happy Easter Everyone !!!!

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Hunger Game Nails

Ya, had to do it.  I too am a big fan of the books and I too will go see the movies.  And these book covers looked hard to do, I really didn’t even think I could do it or do it well.  But, I am very impressed with myself that I could pull it off.  I wanted to do all the book covers not just the Hunger Games as I am sure they will make all three movies anyways.  Here is the book covers that I copied and with a look at Jane From Nailside I followed her advice on the flaming thumbs.  On my pinky fingers I purchased the new China Glaze Hunger Games polish this ones is called Stone Cold and it is a matte finish.  (Ya, I know why didn’t I get district 12)  This matte finish is great and goes on so well, it dries fast and looks really cool.  I don’t have anything like this so, it will be fun to add other colors to it and well, a nice gloss too.


Here are the products I used:

Thumb: Sally Hansen  – Mellow Yellow with  sponge effect topped OPI – In My Back Pocket.  Then I used black acrylic paint to do an out line for the flames.  ( you can use a little bit of rubbing alcohol and water to wipe out any mistakes you might make until your flames looks just right.)  Then with the same black acrylic paint fill in your design. 

Pointy Finger (Hunger Games) : China Glaze – Liquid Leather and dark yellow and light brown for the symbol

Middle Finger ( Catching Fire): OPI – On The Same Page and bright yellow, medium brown, dark brown and black for the symbol

Ring Finger ( Mockingjay): OPI – No Room For The Blues, white, grey, black, blue and bright yellow acrylic paint for the symbol

Pinky Finger (Hunger Games Book Cover) China Glaze – Stone Cold, and grey acrylic paint

For both base and top coat I used OPI Nail Envy

All my acrylic paints are Golden Fluid Color Line



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A wee bit Irish

Oh, the luck of the Irish.  St. Patrick’s Day is here and it’s a Saturday so a full weekend of fun.  Best do me nails for the occasion.  I did a quick french mani and then added a little clover to my pointy and pinky fingers.  I use Essie  – Blanc, OPI – In My Back Pocket and China Glaze – Four Leaf Clover for the Irish Republic Flag.  A wee leprechaun for the middle finger and a Irish hat and rainbow for my ring finger.  The acrylics I used were black, yellow, orange and green, red, light green, blue, purple.

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Canuck Nails

My Hockey team is Vancouver Canucks, and I love them.  Went to the game last night and we won !!!.  And I believe that because I did my nails for the game that’s why we won.  ya, not just talent alone.   I had to support the new guys we got for our mid-season trade so I painted their new numbers on.  I have my favorite players on as well.  I didn’t put the names of the players on the jersey’s as I found painting the numbers was hard enough for that non-dominate hand I can never get that perfect.  I am very happy how they turned out and this design is easy to do for any spot teams any players any kind of jersey.  All you need is your sport color and for me finding that perfect one took me a long time trying.  It had to be the exact color. 

Here is what I used:

Essie – Aruba Blue

Acrylic paints are white and green

I use a dotting tool for the numbers and a striper brush for the lines



Oscar Nails

It’s Oscar time.  Who are you hoping to be the winner this year?  I love movies and I love the Oscar’s.  It exciting to me and I love to watch the entire thing.  From the red carpet to the after shows.  I did my nails for the big show and I am hoping for winners in both War Horse and The Help.

Right hand: Gown, Tuxedo, Camera and Oscar

Left hand: Envelope, Sceen Board, Top Hat and Oscar

I used OPI Alpine Snow and the rest is Acrylic Paints: Black, Red, Yellow, Peach and a little silver polish glitter for the jewels.



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Valentine’s Day Wings

Love this look with a french tip and a small sweet heart.  So, pretty.  I decided to do wings in a shape of a heart.  It looks good but, the photo I took looks like I am pressing too hard on my thumb well,,,’cause I am.  Enjoy anyways.

French tip is: Essie – Blanc and OPI – Otherwise Engaged

OPI – Big Red Apple for the hearts and thumb nail

I use acrylic paints white, blue, grey and black for the outline of the wings.

I used Sally Hansen – Disco Ball for a little sparkle on the wings ( so they can fly)






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Valentine’s Day Nails

I started to play around this morning with some acrylics paints and did a little 10 minute design.  I’m not liking it but, thought I would post it anyways. 

 I used:

OPI – That’s Berry Daring

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear – Disco Ball

both are two coats. 

Then acrylic paints are, peach, pink, purple