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Canuck Nails

GO CANUCKS GO !!!! Canucks are back this week.  NHL starts on Thursday and hope this year is a better one than last year.  I had to do my nails for the start of the season as they are my favorite team.  I used tape here to get the stripes just right.   It took me […]

Cute Polish

Well, I love this design and got it from:  She has an amazing site and I love her work.  So, I thought I would give it a try this being the second polish I did.  I found this easy but, my top coat made the black polish run.  It kinda ruined the design for me.  […]

Animal Print

      This is my first photo for my blog and it’s a great one.  Animal Print !  You can paint your nails all the same print or two different kinds, even like me all five fingers are a different animal.  Try adding other colours and change the print up completely.  I have never done this […]

Hello and Welcome !

Hello and Welcome !

This is my little blog to share my love for Nail Art.  I enjoy painting and this is my little art canvas, I just can’t get enough.  I have found so many other nail designers from all ages who share my passion in this.  Too many I can’t keep up at times.  So, I decided […]