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Hello and Welcome !

This is my little blog to share my love for Nail Art.  I enjoy painting and this is my little art canvas, I just can’t get enough.  I have found so many other nail designers from all ages who share my passion in this.  Too many I can’t keep up at times.  So, I decided to join the crowd and share my weekly nails.  I try to give my nails a rest every now and then,  keep them naked so to speak.  So, I will try to post something during that time to keep everyone interested.

You can check out my other blogs or see other designs that people are doing.  Have you heard of Water Marbling? or Magnetic Polish?

You may see from time to time that I have recreated nail art from other sites, and that’s just that.  I am trying it out.  I will always let you know where I got my inspirations from and how I did that particular design.  With some practice and a lot of it.  I know I can only get better.

And you can to.   So,,,,,, get out your favorite polish and paint away !!!


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