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Animal Print


 This is my first photo for my blog and it’s a great one.  Animal Print !  You can paint your nails all the same print or two different kinds, even like me all five fingers are a different animal.  Try adding other colours and change the print up completely.  I have never done this before and wanted to try out all the prints I could and this is what I decided.  They were easy enough to do on my non dominant hand ( I’m right-handed) so painting that hand is always a struggle, I like to choose an easy design to keep in mind for it. 

     Starting with my thumb nail I use China Glaze White on White as the base and OPI Black Onyx for the spots on this Cow Print.  One my index finger I used the same polishes on this Zebra Print.  I looked at different animals and tried to match the same design as their fur.  Next was my middle finger and that I used OPI Atomic Orange and OPI Black Onyx for the Tiger Print.  Again, trying to match as best I could.  Giraffe Print is on my ring finger and here I used Orly Solid Gold Metallic and Nail Art Striper Pen Coco Brown and for my pinky finger I used for the base Orly Solid Gold Metallic and Nail Striper Pen Coco Brown for the spots then OPI Black Onyx to paint small “C” curves around the sides or top/bottom of the spots for this classic leopard Print.  Many designs out there have the leopard print in so may different colours and spots.


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