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Birthday Nails

It’s my birthday and I can paint if I want to !!  Or some might call it just cupcake nails.  Although, it is my B-day and I wanted to celebrate.  I got this great idea from julieg713  and did my best to try them out.  For my thumb nails I did one with balloons and the other one with three candles.  I used as a base polish two coats of OPI Otherwise Engaged and acrylic paint for the rest.  Hot Pink, White, Yellow, and Carbon Black for the outline on the cupcake.  I used red, blue, green, black and white for the highlight on the balloons and for the candles I used white, grey with yellow for the flames then I put small plastic gold rhinestones on top to add dimension.  For the top cost on the candle nail I used Revlon Sparkle and my regular top coat for the remaining nails.  You can use any acrylic paint and really any color here.  I used Golden Fluid Acrylics all found here or at most Art Supply Store a Craft store will not carry these.  I also recommend Liquitex Acrylics in a Flow Medium it’s a lot thinner and will dry fast.




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