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West Side Story

I went to the theater and saw the musical “West Side Story”  it was FAB.  So, I had to do my nails for it.  My thumb nail is actually an image I found on the web and trimmed it to the size of my nail.  Putting first one coat of base coat then putting on the cut-out then two more coast on top of that to make it stick.  It needs to be sealed well or, as soon as, you have a shower or wash the dishes it will come off.

For the other nails I used Sinful Colors Midnight blue for the background and then Fiji purple for the background bottom to give it more depth.  Once it was dry, I use Revlon Sparkle to give it a night look (starry night)  I really liked this Revlon polish as it has a vanilla smell not that yucky lacquer smell.

I really wait until all is nice and dry, even the next day I will sometimes start the detail acrylic painting on my nails.  I really need to make sure that the enamel is completely dry before starting.  I use Golden Carbon Black for the buildings and I use a Cadminum Yellow for the windows.  Do different sizes for the buildings and windows makes it more believable.


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