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Half Moon Nails

Half Moon Nails.  This design was first brought in during the 1940’s fashion.  As women and designers started to match nail polish to their clothes and accessories.  I first saw this in 2010 Paris Fashion Magazine and not long after, all over the net.  So, I tried to do it myself and for those that have tried it, it takes some practice. 

I used paper reinforcements from any stationery store.  ( walmart has them too)  I tried using tape and surgical tape as well.  They all work just fine.   Although, the transfers are already cut to the perfect circle and no cutting required. 

 The best way to get this design perfect is to take your time in placing the stickers on just perfect.  Lining up each nail for the same amount of space for the other colour all the way though to each nail bed.  Next, any two colors work.  I choose a classic black and white for my first time.  I have seen the same color one in matte and the other in gloss.  That looks great as well !! 

Second tip is make sure your polish is dry before and after you apply the reinforcements/tape.   As you’re not really wanting to redo this over again.  My polish did bleed a little and I had to do some touch ups as you can see.  I will be doing this look a lot I really like it.  If your quite good with the steady hand some have done this look  free hand.  I on “the other hand”  can’t seem to get it looking as good as the stickers. 

I used OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Black Onyx for this look. 



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