Canuck Nails

My Hockey team is Vancouver Canucks, and I love them.  Went to the game last night and we won !!!.  And I believe that because I did my nails for the game that’s why we won.  ya, not just talent alone.   I had to support the new guys we got for our mid-season trade so I painted […]

Japanese Sumo Team

Here is my very own Sumo Wrestling Team.  I decided to do a fun design, Sumo Men.  I was watching a documentary on Sumo this week and thought what a great way to recognise Japan.  I did the old flag as I find the current one a little too easy and with a lot of scotch tape it wasn’t that hard […]

Canuck Nails

GO CANUCKS GO !!!! Canucks are back this week.  NHL starts on Thursday and hope this year is a better one than last year.  I had to do my nails for the start of the season as they are my favorite team.  I used tape here to get the stripes just right.   It took me […]