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Polish Reviews

I thought I could give my dollars worth and chat about how I feel about the nail polishes that I buy.  And at least share a little with you case you are looking to buy as well.   Everything on my site I have bought with my own money and everything is my own product.  I’m not trying to sell anyone anything and these are all my own thoughts and opinions only.  So here goes it.

First, my new-found love is this Revlon Color Stay.  It’s their new collection and boy does it last.  I looking for a pink color and saw this Passion Pink so, I got it and put it on.  Right away as I was applying it I fell for this polish and it just lasted for so long a week (6 days) without any damage at all to the nail or the polish.  SO, I went back and got the base and top coats.  I really can’t say enough about them other than ,,,,please come out with more colours !!!  

Just a few colors (16 I believe) and for the moment I am really enjoying the staying power of the Base and Top Coats.  No, chipping, No, smudging, Doesn’t lose its shine, and best of all it keeps my designs lasting forever no matter what other polishes I have on.  It’s thick and dries very fast with a stronger, hardier finish than regular polish  I am loving it. 

Have a look at the double brush system this bad boy has.  Don’t you just wish all polishes has this.  Sure makes it easy to coat on the nail bed,very smooth to apply.  Not hard to take off either, if you can take off glitter nail polish then anything is easy after that.  Sold at most drugstores.  I got mine, here in Canada, at London Drugs also Shoppers Drug Mart carries them. 

From left to right.

Base Coat, Passion Pink and Top Coat






Magnetic Nail Polish is the newest kind of lacquer this year.   Last year was crackle this years it’s magnet partial in the polish.  And I like it.  So, fun to play around with different designs and patterns.   I have Layla Magneffect –  Blue Grey Flow. Layla Magneffect polishes come with the magnets on the cap built-in so it’s easy to just flip it over and put it against your wet nail and put pops the pattern.  It’s that easy.  5 to 7 seconds and your onto the next nail.   I suggest two generous coats of this wonderful polish and the design comes out great.  It is easy to apply and easy to remove, it lasted me days and didn’t chip like regular polish does.  I didn’t use a top coat I found it didn’t need it.  This color is great polish on its own as well.  I haven’t used Layla products before but, I would like to try their mirror effect polish next. 

Here are the two types of designs I did with Blue Grey Flow. 






Revlon Scented Perfume  This is one that you’ll just need to try to see if you like it.  First off the scent it’s a little coconut and perfume together but powerful.  You can smell it once it dried and continues until you take it off.  I mean ya, take a shower and your nails still smell this sent.  Now, I was eating my dinner and then during a movie we had popcorn, STILL if you dont’ like it, it can put you off your food.  It’s that strong.  I would love for a lot of nail polish companies to have a better smell for their lacquer as we all know nail polish isn’t the best smelling stuff out there. 

Second is the flake polish the sparkle.  You can see below three different photo’s #1 is base coat OPI – Rosy Future with Revlon on top both are two coats.  #2 is base China Glaze – liquid leather and top is Revlon both are two coats and my ring finger is three coats you can see a slight heavier sparkle on that.  #3 base is Sinful Colors – Miami Heat top is Revlon both two coats here as well. 

The tint is a light blue but not noticed at all.  It’s very sheer.  As you can see in photo #1.  For a very light sparkle this is perfect.  For a light dusting or back ground it’s great.  Comes off easy and easy to apply.  One coat is often enough.  I find this does not chip and you can not feel the flakes of the polish.  So, this is great for not even adding a top coat.  This can actually be your top coat.  As seen in all the photo’s I have no top coat.  I recommend this polish if you have tested the sent before you buy it ‘ cause it lasts as long as the polish does.

Photo # 1

Photo # 1


Photo # 2


Photo # 3


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