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Do’s and Don’ts

This is not to take all the fun out of nail design but, it is important to keep in mind the safety of our bodies and always looking for chemical free products.  Here is a list of do’s and don’t’s or try not to’s:

DO:  Ditch that old nail polish!!  Polishes formulated before the end of 2007 should be discarded. Sure, the color’s still in fashion, but the chemicals aren’t: in 2007, most companies were still using toxic ingredients like toluene, any kind of formaldehyde (including formaldehyde resins), and dibutyl phthalate. Unfortunately, some still are. Since these chemicals have been linked to nerve damage (toluene), breast cancer (formaldehyde), and birth defects (dibutyl phthalate), you don’t want them on your fingers. Do some research into non-toxic nail polish: there are plenty of gorgeous ones out there, and more are released every year.

DON’T:  Leave that nail polish on too long, remove the color every ten days or so.  It’s good to get the old polish off your nails and acetone-based nail polish removers damage your natural fingernails by drying them out and more important acetone’s harmful side effects, and it’s easier to find removers that are labeled acetone-free. Make sure you make the switch.

DO:  Apply a good base coat and a few coasts of it.  It will prevent staining, chipping, peeling,

DON’T:  File your nails back and forth and so many people saw at their nails far too much.  Going at your nails hard in both directions will tear the edge of the nails, leading to breakage, damage and peeling.  When you’re shaping your nails, only push the emery board from the edge to the center.  It’s a hard habit to break, keep at it and you love the results.

DO:  Wash, clean and dry your hands and nails before and after you cut, file and buff.  Applying polish to dirty, dusty nails will cause them to chip and peel faster.  You want your polish to stay on as long a possible and not lift off the next day because of oil or lotion left on your nail bed.

DON’T:  Shake your bottles and avoid those bubbles.  To blend nail color, turn the bottle upside down for 3 minutes.

DO:  Store nail products in a cool dark place like in a bathroom cabinet.  Avoid putting them a warm place as extreme temperatures thicken and separate the polish.


DO:  Give your nails a week-long break from polishes every few months to let them breathe naturally.

These tips should leave your nails not only more beautiful but also healthier.   Happy manicuring !!


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