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Tips and Tricks

     Before I even start a nail design there are things that you need to prepare first so no mistakes happen and if they do you can easily correct.  First you’ve got to make sure you’re practicing the right techniques. Contrary to what you might think, the problem isn’t always sloppy painting.  Most mistakes with do-it-yourself manicures happen while preparing the nails—well before the nail polish bottle is opened.  Here are some common mistakes one can make, and tips for improving your skills.

     Have an area that you can place an old towel, mat or I use sponge card with a heavy artist paper.  You want the area to be accident free and if you do drop nail polish your not too concerned about it and or is not going to damage anything around it.  Believe me it happens…..like dropping a bottle of polish on your living room carpet.  So,  being prepared and having your tools around you your better at controlling accidents.

Before, I paint my nails for the week I;

  • Wash, clean and dry my nails, remove all old polish with remover.
  • Cut my nails and push back the cuticles, file, buff, moisturize my hands and nails.
  • Clean my nail bed and remove all traces of oil or lotion, apply two coats of base coat. 
  • Get out my supplies for the next art design.

     Once I have the design in mind, I have everything I need in front of me because once your nails are wet there ain’t going back.   I won’t even do a clean up until everything is completely dry and even then everything is placed so it’s an easy clean.  I will have with me a bottle cap of nail polish remover and an old brush for clean up around the nail and skin for any mistakes also a toothpick is my favorite for this type of thing.  And for my acrylics I use a bottle cap of rubbing alcohol for any mistakes I make on my art design as this WILL NOT remove nail polish.  

     NON-DOMINANT HAND –  in my case it’s painting my right hand as I am right-handed.  So, using my left is hard to do.  The only advice I can really give is practice, practice and practice.  It’s still really hard for me too. Go slow it will happen and less is better can always go back.   I start with my left hand and leave both my thumbs until the end.  I start on my right pinky and work my way to my right index finger then to my left thumb and finish on my right thumb.  I find this works for me.  Oh, and don’t drink coffee for have any caffeine before it gives me the shaky hand.

Hope this helps




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