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Tools I use

Here are the tools I use for making things easier or to have better control over.   Of course ,this is just my own experience and feel free to let me know what you use and have tried.  

Basic tools I can’t live with out are:  a nail file, nail remover and nail cutters.  I have about 4 different types of nail files ranging from coarse-grain to buffer smooth.  Some people like the glass files.  I have one but don’t use it often.  I find it doesn’t give me the extra fine smoothness.   I have two types of nail remover one with acetone and 100% free acetone.  Acetone is better at removing harder lacquer and all traces of acrylic.  I have two types of cutters, one is the traditional kind ( compound lever) great for toe nails and second is known as a cuticle trimmer or pliers style cutter.  This is great for getting that hard to reach spot and I find they are sharper so it doesn’t seem to rip the nail off.

Cuticles are very important and are always in need of keeping cleaned and moistened.  Always, be careful when pushing back or cutting your cuticle area. Don’t push back dry cuticles it is a lot easier to nudge back when they’re moist and it’s also safer.   Try pushing back your cuticles right after you get out of the shower, or soak your fingertips in a bowl of warm water.  Using cuticle remover is a lot better and easier than just hand cream and don’t use oil or any metal tools on this area to push back.  I suggest only using an Orange Stick with small circles to remove this stubborn skin. 

My favorite tool is the inexpensive Ebay find.  Dotting Pens  or stylus tools.  They are so fun to use and really easy to clean up with both nail polish and acrylic paint.  You can get the same effect using a tooth pick, sewing pin, back of an old pen or even back of your paint/ makeup brush.

I buy most of these items at Drug stores, Sally Beauty Stores, Professional Nail Spas and Ebay


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