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    Nope, I’m not a professional just love to paint my nails and enjoy the hobby of it.  I have been painting since I was very young, first doing dots on my nails and have always tried to make designs from other artist, magazines or images that I’ve seen.   It’s a huge community out there and I wanted to join in, adding  my little piece to inspire others to try or add to their designs.

I hand paint all my own natural nails and use a polish lacquer for the base of my design then often use acrylic paints for the small details on top of the lacquer.  Sealing it all in with a clear top coat to make it last.   I use any and all inspirations I can find from fashion, textures, cartoons, posters, any kind of medium.  I will whip out my cell phone and take a photo just about anywhere that I happen to be inspired to try or create.

I am always, trying to improve, get better at making this site great for all to learn and try a little polish on their nails.

Enjoy, comment, let me know how you did and of course show me your designs.

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Thank You for coming and come back often


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