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Oh, I think this is everyone’s favorite page.  ‘Cause if you love to paint your nails you know a great colour when you see it.  I have a good collection of polishes but, would love to have more.  Great companies are always coming out with new and innovating polishes everyday.  Here are my favorites:

Base Coat

Top Coat


China Glaze


Nails Polish Pens

A lot of high fashion houses and make-up companies are now starting their own line of polishes and I have not had the chance to try them.  I will add into my blog when I do and perhaps have a new favorite.

I use Acrylic Paint and I use and love Golden Fluid Paints for me they are the best I have found.  You can get them in an art supply store not a craft store.  A real art store for painters.  They have great brushes there too.  I find that when there is a sale on they can be cheaper than the craft stores as well.  Fluid acrylics glide on smooth and don’t dry out as fast they blend very well with water and most times you’re not going to need to as your working on such a tiny canvas ( your nail bed)  I first just bought the black as I do a lot of outlining with it and wanted something better to use for smaller lines.  Thus, Carbon Black in Golden Fluid Acrylic is just perfect.


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