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Japanese Sumo Team

Here is my very own Sumo Wrestling Team.  I decided to do a fun design, Sumo Men.  I was watching a documentary on Sumo this week and thought what a great way to recognise Japan.  I did the old flag as I find the current one a little too easy and with a lot of scotch tape it wasn’t that hard at all. so,, what do you think?…should I name my players?
Here are the items I used:
OPI – Alpine Snow, Big Red Apple and Tree Hugger Green
Acrylic paint – Black, Peach, red, orange, green, yellow and purple

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I made a Zoo

Loved these cute animals that I saw from Adventures in Acetone and I had to try it out.  I didn’t have the exact colors but, I think it’s close enough.  I also, did both my hands the same I didn’t do the food so, to speak on the other hand.  Nope, just two of everything (kinda like Noah’s Ark, ha, ha)  I found the design very simple to do and easy for the non-dominant hand.

Here are the products I used:

Elephant : OPI – No Room for the Blues for the base color and acrylic paints, grey, peach, white and black

Monkey: China Glaze – Starboard for the base color and acrylic paints are brown, light brown, peach,white and black

Graffe: OPI – Flower to Flower for the base color and acrylic paints are yellow,orange,white and black

Panda: China Glaze – Spontaneous for the base color and white, black for acrylic paint

Lion: OPI – In My Back Pocket for the base color and acrylic paints are yellow,brown, white and black

Revlon Colorstay for base and top coat



Taping and the fun you can do with it.  To pay all respect to a great nail designer and master taper, Jane and her Nailside page. I thought I would try it out.  Not my first time using scotch tape my nails but, with this much detail yes.  By far,the first thing to do is cut out all your pieces you’re gonna need and a little extra just in case.  ‘Cause doing this with tacky or wet nails is not good.  Trust me.

I matched my nails with my new blouse using  Sally Hansen – Mint Sprint and my black pants it went perfect together.  I will definitely do a lot more taping designs I found it easy and looks great for those that have a hard time with their non-dominant hand.    I mostly love the look of taping it makes everything clean and neat/tidy.   And thank you Jane for all your advice.

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New Year Nails

Happy Happy !!!  Better late than never so, here they are.   Big oops, I did the white nails on my right hand as you can see…..ya so, I guess doing them up side down wasn’t the greatest idea.  Well, that’s what this blog is all about learning and teaching.  I sure taught myself that’s for sure.

I got these great nail ideas from : simplyrins and chalkboardnails both of these ladies have amazing sites so, check them out and be a fan as well.

Here, I took simplyrins fireworks and added on top Orly Glitz for our New Year 2012.  The base is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark with acrylic paint, red, yellow, green, blue and purple.

For my right hand I used chalkboard birthday nails for the idea of ribbons or streamers ( confetti even ) another type of New Year nails.  This time, I used, OPI Alpine Snow for the base and the same Acrylic paints using the darker shade for highlights on the streamers/ribbons.  Adding on top Orly Dazzle for 2102. Pretty big mistake, I know.  To make it even more funny for you guys I didn’t even clue in until well after the top coats have dried.  Yup loser !!

Have a wonderful New Year everyone !!!

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Holly Nails

One week before christmas and this one is Holly Nails.  I really like this look and it is the easiest nails I have done so far.  As even painting the silver tips don’t have to be so straight as once you paint on the green leaves and berries you can’t see any mistakes you might have made.  Here is the list of products I used and the inspiration on the idea I got it from.  ENJOY ! 

Orly – Dazzle ( silver tips )

Sally Girl – Silver glitter ( one coat on top of the silver polish )

Rhinestones – Red (three of them)

Acrylic Paint – Bright Green

Opi – Top Coat and Base Coat. ( after the rhinestone another coat to seal the stones in place)

If you don’t have the rhinestones using red polish with or without sparkle or even red acrylic paint all works and still is amazing with the silver.  Check out creativenailart  she’s very creative !!

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Santa Nails

Santa Nails, can’t do Christmas Nails without the big guy.  So, here are my nails that I recreated from theblondieprincess she has some great ideas so check her site out as well.  I think, I did these Santa nails too early as I should have done them on the big day.  Oh, well I might try them again so easy to do.  And easy enough for the non-dominant hand.  Here are the products I used.

China Glaze – White On White

China Glaze – Hey Sailor

Nail Art Striper – Black

Nail Art Pen – Gold Sparkle

Revlon Color stay – Passion Pink

Acrylic Paint – Peach

I started out painting all my nails in white leaving my thumb nails for last.  I used red to make the Santa suit and made wavy lines on each side of my nail leaving enough of the white to show through.  Next up, was the black striper take your time to make the Santa belt straight and evenly matching from top to bottom.  Last part was the Gold glitter/sparkle for the belt buckle.  Even just gold or shiny yellow polish/silver or acrylic paint will work as well.

For the Santa face, I again used the red for the hat and just did the tips of my nail again trying to make it as straight as possible.  (using tape may work for some )  I did it free hand.  Peach Acrylic for the face and I made it a little wavy for the bottom of the face to give it an effect for the Santa beard.  Black dots for the eyes and Pink for the nose.  All finished !!   You will need a lot of drying time in between coats for this design.

Try it and Enjoy.  Then let me know how you did.